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Customized Bach Remedies Mixture (30ml) - Non-alcohol version

Individual Stock Remedies
For customers who are well-versed with Bach Flower Remedies, they may choose to customize their own Bach Flower Remedies Mixture. The customized Bach Flower Remedies mixture is prepared with 2 drops each of the selected Bach Flower individual stock remedies or 4 drops of Rescue Remedy, and diluted with Evian water. To keep it fresh throughout the delivery, a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar will be added. Hence, the taste may feel a little sour. A bottle of 30ml Customized Bach Flower Remedies mixture can last for only 3 weeks. The required minimum daily dosage throughout the 3 weeks is 4 times per day, each time 4 drops. During the 3 weeks, some sediments may be seen in the mixture. This is perfectly normal as it is the fermentation of the apple cider vinegar which is healthy and does not cause any adverse effects to the efficacy of the customized Bach Flower Remedies mixture. After the expiry of 3 weeks, please discard any remaining amount. ​ As the Bach Flower Remedies are selected based on your own choice, we will not be able to advise you on the efficacy of your mix. If you need help on the selection, we can only do so through a proper Bach Consultation. We highly recommend anyone who is new to Bach Flower Remedies to seek help from a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner. The non-alcohol version uses individual stock remedies that contain vegetable glycerin instead of the usual brandy as the natural preservative. This is suitable for those who have concerns about the trace amount of alcohol content, due to allergies or religious reasons. ​​As this item cannot be posted by normal Singpost mail, it will be delivered by courier to your doorstep. ​Price is inclusive of courier delivery fee, only specially for this item. ​ Indication of the selected remedies of your own choice (maximum 7 remedies) would be done after cart checkout, to be specified at the "Remarks to seller" comment field. Note: ​- Courier delivery is 2 days later (10am to 7pm), excluding Sundays & Public Holidays. For example, if you confirm the purchase on Monday (before 8.30pm), the parcel will reach your doorstep on Wednesday (10am to 7pm).